‘So where are you actually going?’

Today would have been my first day back at school with the kids… instead I woke up at a respectable time, made a cup of tea (of course) and wondered what to do with my day. It was a strange feeling but I think I can get used to it! There are many things I should be doing but I decided to have another bash at this blogging business.

Three weeks today, Dean and I will be departing on our big adventure. Hopefully by that point we will feel more organised and prepared and will have formulated a few more ideas of what we intend to do over the next 10 months. We will also be married!

There are two questions I am being asked a lot at the moment: ‘how are the wedding plans going?’ and ‘so where are you actually going?’ The first question has no clear answer in my head which, for a person who likes things to be black and white and factual, is annoying. According to the official to do list, 118/172 items have been completed which sounds daunting but actually it feels like things are on track and like there shouldn’t be a mad rush at the end. Touch wood! During the last week, there has been my final dress fitting, the pre-wedding photo shoot (awkward initially but worth it!), a drastic decoration-changing visit to the venue and a menagerie of other little jobs.

The second question is more my kind of question: it has a clear, straight forward answer. I thought I’d put a vague itinerary on here for reference throughout our trip for anyone interested. I say vague because it’s all flexible, mostly it’s overland where journeys can be as long as a piece of string, but even the flights are all movable so who knows!

26.09 depart (Heathrow T5, yessss!)
27.09 Bangkok, Thailand for official 4 days honeymoon
04.10 Cambodia
13.10 Vietnam
30.10 Laos
14.11 Thailand – volunteering in the north
08.12 Burma
19.12 Thailand
03.01 Malaysia
10.01 Singapore
15.01 Malaysia – Borneo
30.01 The Philippines
15.02 Japan
22.02 Los Angeles
24.02 Mexico
18.03 Guatemala
29.03 Honduras
06.04 Nicaragua
17.04 Costa Rica
29.04 Panama
02.05 Chile
04.06 Argentina
23.06 Brazil
29.07 Barcelona

So there you have it, the world’s our lobster! If anyone reading has must-sees or really-don’t-bothers for any of these places, we’d love to know as we have done alarmingly little research thus far.

Right, on with the day…a few hours work, a few hours wedding creativity, dropping Dean off at the airport (he’s off to Majorca for a few days) and my hair trial 🙂 Onward!

2 thoughts on “‘So where are you actually going?’

  1. Impressive! How did you go about booking such a mammoth itinerary? (That could be a blog post in itself – fellow travellers want to know).

    Two days in LA will fly quickly; I’m guessing you’ll just hit the familiar traps, but I’d personally recommend Universal Studios (a small theme park, easily covered in a day, appropriately ‘American’ with lots of stuff to see). If you’ve got the time, you might enjoy driving down to San Diego, which isn’t far, to check out the whales/dolphins at SeaWorld. The usual Hollywood sign / walk stuff is, in my opinion, overrated.

    The only other stops I know are Argentina & Barcelona, but the former I suspect you know better than me, and the latter is so self explanatory you can’t really go wrong. It’s an excellent spot to chill at the end of what I’m sure will be quite the adventure. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! We haven’t yet decided whether we’re going to leave the airport at LA or just get a flight into Mexico… seems a long way off yet! But we’ll try and check out those places of we do. We’ve both been before but I don’t think either of us did Universal Studios.
      Also, good idea about a post about how we organised it all… maybe one for when I am feeling more like we actually are organised! Thanks for my first proper comment! 🙂

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