What’s the best way to counter-balance a very short engagement? A very long honeymoon we thought! So that’s what we did.

I’m Stephanie, a primary school teacher, keen photographer and musician from Derbyshire. The handsome fellow in the picture below is my husband, Dean, a very smart aerospace engineer. We both suffer from severe cases of wanderlust!

cambodia 8.jpg

On the 26th September 2013 we flew to South-East Asia and spent about 5 months visiting Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia (including Borneo), Singapore and The Philippines. Then we stayed for 10 days in Japan on our way to Central America. We landed in Los Angeles and made our way to Mexico before winding our way down through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. After a short flight, we landed in Ecuador where we briefly revisited Peru on our way to Chile, then worked our way back North through Argentina to Brazil. We returned to England at the end of July 2014, pleased to see our families and friends but definitely not cured of our wanderlust! Now, back to our jobs, we are having to content ourselves with day dream travels!

The idea of this blog was a light-weight, less labour-intensive alternative to the journals I used to write/draw during trips. On the road I use my faithful-but-slowly-dying Galaxy Note to update details of our travels regularly. Sadly our honeymoon and life on the road are dim and distant memories, but I continue to blog about all our foreign trips and, now and then, write a bit about adventures closer to home. In the last year or so, we’ve made it to India, Nepal, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Indonesia.

Feel free to contact me at stephaniejanepatrick@gmail.com or using the form below if you’d like details about costs or routes (I kept a log of that kind of information rather than including it in my posts to avoid boring family and friends!). Also, get in touch if you’d like high-resolution versions of any of my photographs.

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